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Legality of CBD

The minister of health in South Africa has recently given the green light for the use and sales of CBD for the next year, ending in May 2020. The law works hand in hand with the legalisation of cannabis for personal use. Even though CBD has only been legalised temporarily, there has been a lot of excitement surround it and the market has indicated a huge trend in CBD.

There are some restrictions as to what constitutes legal CBD, however.  The CBD may not contain more than 0.001% of THC in in it and no more than 0.0075% cannabidiol in the product. Our CBD is CBD isolate which means it has no traceable amount of THC and is completely legal.

Even though CBD has only recently been legalised in South Africa it has been legal in many other countries around the world for some time. These countries have displayed the positive effect that CBD has had on users and in their economies. We’re hoping South Africa will legalise CBD permanently so we may also benefit as a nation. For now, please enjoy our CBD products knowing there are no laws being broken.

Quality of our CBD

We are using CannaCur CBD isolate powder which is 99.9 % pure CBD powder and does not include any THC whatsoever. This CBD Isolate is made in South Africa using all natural, organic, GMO free ingredients and giving you only pure CBD